Healing with Natural Agents



Banish Winter  with our featured seasonal wraps

Guaranteed to awaken your senses while nourishing and hydrating your skin.                                                               


              Jasmine Tuberose   

Sweet Jasmine helps you unwind while exotic Tuberose calms skin and awakens the senses.

             Geranium Cedarwood

Earthy Cedarwood helps ground you while refreshing Geranium revives skin and uplifts the senses




Yellow Sulphur Spa

Essential Oil aromatherapy wrap: Using a customized blend of pharmaceutical grade essential oils.

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment: 9 essential oils are applied and gently warmed for a truly transportive experience

Salt/Sugar Scrub: Salt scrubs open the pores, invigorate circulation and soften the skin.

Mud wrap: Mineral rich loam nourishes the body.

Hotstone massage: Many client’s favorite treatment!